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Use the chat to get lottery tickets and win free Ӿ !
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VERSION 2.2 (2020.07.05)

-- General --
LUCKYNANO is now available in French !
You may choose the language of your choice by opening the main menu.
A GitHub repo will allow you to contribute by uploading translations for other languages.
Some sections of the website, and the automated chat messages will be translated in future releases.
CSS stylesheets were completely overhauled to be more compliant with HTML standards, and for better performance and experience on mobile devices.
The website UI is now optimized for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 14.
A major security hole potentially exposing sensitive backend information was fixed.
A bug that would erase socket information when logging out was fixed.
Minor other UI modifications.
-- Dice --
Checks are now made exclusively on the server side.
Click on a game hash to copy it.
-- Roulette --
Click on a game hash to copy it.
-- Blackjack --
A bug where cards would silently be distributed to an idle player was fixed.
The time between rounds was adjusted for a faster paced game.
-- Golden Slots --
You may bet on multiple lines using or .
The help better indicates what a sequence is. Other minor changes to accomodate for the rule above.
-- Poker --
Antes are limited to a maximum of 2x the big blind.
Tournaments wait for active players indefinitely. A tournament must still host at least two players to begin.
Minor UI modifications to fit the global design.

VERSION 2.1 (2020.03.22)

-- Golden Slots --
You may bet on multiple lines using or .
The help better indicates what a sequence is. Other minor changes to accomodate for the rule above.
-- Blackjack --
Wins and losses are now clearly indicated.
The amount won is displayed at the end of the round.
The user status color changes depending on their last action.
-- Poker --
4-Color deck may be activated by going in the new Game settings menu.
Higher stakes tables have a ratio of 1 = Ӿ 1 for better readability.
The user fiches placement is now fixed.
-- Dice --
A bug where sub Ӿ 0.001 bets were allowed was fixed.
A bug where float experience points could be distributed was fixed.
-- General --
Custom name colors are now available for the chat. Reach Level 2 to unlock the functionality in your account settings.
The maximum level is now 5.
Level 5 users may send money from their account without any time restriction.
Hover over a game icon to display its name.
The deposit process was improved in the backend for better reliability.
The deposit QR Code does not suggest a Ӿ 1 deposit by default anymore.
Minor design changes.

VERSION 2.05 (2020.03.14)

In Dice and Slots, Autoplay will automatically stop after running out of to prevent unintended Ӿ bets.
Hover over / click in the main menu for information about the leveling system.
It is now possible to mute the chat notifications.
User fiches were not displayed properly in Poker. While the bug is being fixed, they will remain hidden for a better readibility of the game.
Minor desgin changes.

VERSION 2.0 (2020.03.09)

-- Blackjack --
A new game has been implemented: Blackjack.
Blackjack is in Alpha version, meaning that all of the features are not available at the moment.
Only one Blackjack table is available for the first round of tests.
You can only bet at the available table.
Note: Players may encounter breaking bugs while trying the game.
-- Levels --
Levels have been implemented.
Play or chat with other users to gain levels and unlock features (coming soon).
Your current level is displayed near your account name, it's now a part of your identity... So brag about it, will ya!
Open the main menu to display your progress toward the next level.
-- Chat --
The chat is now compatible with emojis. 😄
A sound is now played when a new message has just been sent to the chatroom.
Your level is shown in the chat when you post messages.
System messages — such as lottery stats — will now be removed from the chat log when navigating to another page for more readability.
-- Golden Slots --
You may now choose how many you want to bet at a time.
The settings menu has been disabled. Playing with Ӿ is now an option found in the account settings.
-- Poker --
Cards in Poker where updated from the same skin as BlackJack, that's easier to read on smaller displays.
Freerolls now take place every two hours!
-- General --
served well, but the dual-currency system made using the website overly complex. Chips were removed so you can enjoy playing games directly with Ӿ.
Account that held automatically received the equivalent in Ӿ.
You may now bet in every game (except Poker). The higher your level, the more Ӿ you can bet.
Note: Roulette is an exception to this: playing with will win you even more , not Ӿ directly like in other games. This is mostly for technical reasons, but oh well, makes the game special, ain't it ?
You may chose to disable the default use of Ӿ over Ӿ in your account settings.
Creating an account, sending money, or updating account info now requires a valid e-mail address for confirmation, among other back-end security improvements.
The QR code of the deposit window now conforms to official URIs, and auto-suggests a 1 NANO deposit when read with compatible wallets.
The landing page was completely redesigned. Enjoy the huge chatbox !
The navigation bar includes direct shortcuts to our games for a smoother experience.
The main font was changed for 'Blinker', enjoy the sleek design !
Fixed a bug that would display the auto-fill prompt while the log in window was hidden in desktop Safari.
Removed round angles here and there in the UI.
Plenty of other design modifications.

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